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Home Insurance: Spoiled Food and Power Outages

​From meat to frozen dinners, you may have a lot of food inside your freezer or refrigerator. Much of these foods can become spoiled if we experience a power outage (which is all too common here in Florida). You may get reimbursement for your loss by your homeowners insurance. But you should understand the terms in your policy.
Power Outage and Covered Events

The cause of the power outage will be able to determine whether your insurance will cover the loss or not. More often than not, lost food expenses can be reimbursed if they’re caused by a covered event like a severed power line or storm. However, if you’ve accidentally severed your power line, or you failed to pay your electric bills, your insurer won’t likely cover such event.

While there are insurers who will cover spoiled food during a power outage affecting only your residence, others may offer coverage when the entire neighborhood experiences a power outage. Whichever the case, the outage has to be caused by a covered event.

Policies may differ in terms of covered perils, so ask your agent to explain them to you. Also, you may also want to check with your utility company if they will reimburse you for insurance deductibles, food spoilage, as well as other damages resulting from a power outage.

When you file a claim for spoiled food, take pictures of the food if you can. If your claim includes expensive food like the whole side of beef, you may also be required to submit receipts.

Coverage Limits and Deductibles

Bear in mind that coverage limits will apply. So even if you have $1,000 worth of spoiled food, your home insurance may only cover a loss of up to $650. Additionally, you may have to pay a deductible before you receive reimbursement for food loss. Note that limits and deductibles may differ depending on your policy, so make sure that you understand it well.

A power outage is never fun. But it is important to take measures to protect yourself from its financial implications. Understand your coverage well so you can avoid surprises when it comes to handling a loss.

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