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Homeowners Insurance for a New Construction Home

New Construction Home Insurance Home insurance is very important since it protects your home from risks. It is all the more important for new homes.

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Are newer houses cheaper to insure?

New home insurance If you are building a new home, then you would be planning to get it insured. Homeowners insurance is very important since

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As seen in the Tampa Bay Times: Florida lawmakers to target roof claims, lawyers during property insurance session

Insurers would not be allowed to refuse to insure a home just because its roof is old. By Lawrence Mower, Times staff TALLAHASSEE — State

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Smart Home Insurance Discounts

Smart Home Insurance At the onset, we should understand what a smart home is all about. It is a home where devices and appliances are

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Contractors’ General Liability and Commercial Auto Insurance

Contractors’ Insurance Contractors’ insurance policy covers a business from catastrophic financial debts, which can pop up due to work-related accidents. It is imperative to safeguard

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Commercial Auto Insurance in Florida

Commercial Auto Insurance The aim of commercial auto insurance is to cover the expenses and bills if a vehicle owned by a business meets with

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What are the Different Types of Home Insurance Coverage

To dive into detailed knowledge about homeowners insurance, you must better understand the different coverage an Insurance Agency provides. Interior Damage In case of a

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Insurance for Small Businesses: Commercial Property & Casualty

Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Commercial property and casualty insurance for small businesses is insurance designed to protect small businesses. Commercial property insurance includes the

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Home Insurance: Contents coverage

Contents Coverage Insurance When you move into a house whether you are a renter or the owner the place can fill up quickly with things.

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Home Insurance: Personal liability

Personal Liability Insurance Personal Liability absolves you from the responsibility of someone getting injured at your property for whatever reason. It also covers the medical

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